366 pieces of life | Day 358 (8 days to go…)

We had a power outage in our suburb this morning – coincidentally at exactly the same point in time as Matt was trying to re-jig the wiring on our christmas lights.  It was out for 5 hours! 5 long hours.  But we had fun – having to make our own up and not rely on anything aided by electricity.  It was also a bit of a challenge in that all our window shutters (electric of course) were still down as we’d only just gotten up when the power went out, so it was pretty dark inside. The only light we had was coming from one window in the lounge-room which happened to be open still. So we sat huddled by that all morning.
Jaedon got his beloved Thomas collection out and we had a read-a-thon, and it was a moment I couldn’t let slip by. He looked so sweet and gentle, and was totally enjoying himself. And so was I. I’ve actually been thinking it should be mandatory to have power outages on a regular basis.  🙂

We also have Uncle Adrian staying with us until Christmas.  Mostly he’s been spending his days teaching Jaedon to play the gamecube. 🙂  Alicia-Rae has been quite amused (or is that bemused) by it all, and I found her this afternoon with one of the game covers in hand, studying it quite intently. Trying to figure out what the fuss is all about, no doubt. 


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