• Here at NJOY THE MOMENT we (well, that would be I) am in love with capturing little people, people in love, and weddings. And anything else that gives me the warm and fuzzies.
    I love weddings for the wonderfully unique story each couple brings to the table, and for the trust they show in laying their hearts out before me. And it's the best feeling in the world being able to show them what that looks like.
    Likewise, with my newborn and family sessions, I find great joy in seeking out those 'in between' moments that say much more about you, and this crazy adventure you're on, than words ever will.
    I can show you what your love looks like. And, I promise, it's beautiful.
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    Trav and Jen have been featured on this blog a few times now, from their family session and engagement shoot (on top of


    There were a lot of crazy moments at this engagement party that turned in to a wedding (surprise!), and this is one of


    I was super excited when Emma got in touch to let me know she was engaged and wanted me to photograph her wedding. Emma

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  • Torquay Family Session

    To say I was a little bit scared about the prospect of shooting Jodie’s family session is possibly an understatement. Clearly, as you’ll see below, she’s not a scary person. She is, rather, quite the opposite, and a rather talented photographer to boot (go check her out). Hence the butterflies and nervous anticipation as it came time to capture the moments and emotions that thread their way through this beautiful family...