This is little Charlie, the beautifully sweet bundle of boy I recently got to meet and photograph. I shot his mummy and daddy’s wedding not too long ago, so I was ridiculously excited when I heard they were expecting a baby. So I stalked followed Carolyn’s pregnancy on Facebook and Instagram, finding myself in a constant state of awe at how she wore it. There was a certain grace in how, rather than pregnancy define her, she defined it. She kind of rocked it.

And she’s rocking this motherhood thing too, in case you’re wondering. I’m sure it’s not easy all of the time but, still, there’s that grace, that wonderfully confident way they both have of parenting and partnering as if it’s always been that way. And from what I know, and have seen from their families, there certainly won’t be a lack of love or a place to call home in his life. He’s in for a rich and grand adventure, this little boy.

Charlie Bear, enjoy the ride.

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Narrelle xx

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