Birthdays are a big deal in our house, and I like to take any opportunity I can to celebrate them. As each of our children have turned six months old we’ve had a little ‘half birthday’ celebration for them. It’s just a family thing, at home, with a lot of love and some birthday cake to top it off. Half a birthday cake actually, and I’m not telling what I did with the other half.

These are just a handful of Callan’s half-birthday photos, most of which I took in the new studio. And most of which involved bribery – where the big kids were involved. Clearly Alicia-Rae was unimpressed with the whole idea, promises of chocolate and spending money failing to do the job. But while we didn’t end up with ‘perfect’ images of the three of them we certainly ended up with real ones, which is better than perfect anyway. And much more fun to look back on.

And it’s taken so long for me to post these that the little guy is actually turning seven months today (which is what reminded me I hadn’t yet shared these). I guess that calls for a .583 birthday cake. I’m onto it now.

Narrelle x

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