Those of you who follow me on instragram, or are facebook friends, or are friends in real life (yay!) will know our oldest son, who is eight, recently had a fall in the playground at school and broke three of his front, newly grown adult teeth. That was a pretty sad afternoon, for all of us. Fortunately for him they can be fixed. Unfortunately for us (his mum and dad, the ones who pay the bills) the cost of making them efficient and not so laddish in appearance again is approximately the cost of a small island.

Why am I telling you this?

Because it occurred to me not so long ago that I run my own business, where I get to make all the rules. All the un-fun tax ones aside anyway. And, at the end of the day, the purpose of a business is to make money, mostly for practical things like keeping a roof over our heads and teeth in our kids’ mouths.
So. I’ve decided to release a once-off, possibly never to be repeated* offer on my portrait sessions and digital files. You know, to help fund that small island.

What it includes:
The portrait session itself, normally worth $120
The complete set of high-resolution digital files from your gallery (which is usually 40+images), normally available for $1350
One 12×18 inch fine art print, so that you’ll have something pretty to hang on your walls straight away, valued at $120

What it will now cost:
$850. That’s a saving of almost 50% (I think it works out to roughly 46.6% if we want to be precise)!
Pretty exciting, hey?

As I mentioned above, I most likely will not be repeating this offer* and these sessions will be limited.

Email me at, or the contact link down the side, to take advantage of this offer and book in your session. And don’t forget Fathers Day is sneaking up on us (here in Australia anyway), so now would be a great time to get started on that perfect gift. We all know how much dads love having their photo taken.

And just as a reminder – I’m available for interstate sessions as well. Send me a note and we can discuss options if you’re interested – this is a great time to be thinking about it.

Please note that these sessions will require a 50% deposit, but all other terms and conditions regarding your session will remain the same. Please get in touch for more information.

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Narrelle x

(*this offer will not be repeated on the assumption that son number two will manage to keep his teeth intact until adulthood, and can pay for them himself.)

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  • SheharaJuly 18, 2014 - 11:14 PM


    Emailing you as we are contemplating taking a family portrait and some pictures of our little girl and your package sounds great! And just saw reviews about you on fb and pictures here are amazing!!Can you give me details of location of the photoshoot and booking process etc…