I have a lot of love for this wedding. Well, it started out as a First Look at the Frankston Botanical Gardens, then turned into an engagement party after they went back home and got changed for their guests. Then they got ‘re-dressed’ and upped their party in to a wedding.  Surprise!!

It was such a genuinely fun (oh so fun – see for yourself!), feel good kind of celebration that I can still feel the flutters in my heart and the smile on my face as I look through these. It was honest and heartfelt and rich in all the things that give a marriage a good head start, and I felt incredibly grateful to be a part of their day – and just a little bit special to be in on their secret, even if it did make me too scared to talk for the first half of the afternoon for fear of accidentally spilling the beans. I’m a terrible liar, so I knew I’d be in trouble if someone asked me the wrong kind of question.

Thanks again you crazy (in the best kind of way) two for putting on one of my favourite parties of the year, and for doing things your way and trusting me to capture it all. Best day ever, as my four year old would say.

Narrelle x


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