The kiss. Often it’s more about the anticipation than the meeting of lips itself. It’s about the desire. The moment you decide to lean in. The coming in to synch with one another. The mutuality. And the faith in reciprocation. Pretty much like any good and enjoyable thing in life.
I know I’m often guilty of getting an idea, and being consumed by the excitement of possibility. Of setting my eyes, and heart, on the prize and finding the quickest path to the finish line. I forget to savour the moments along the way. To take a breath and look opportunity in the eye. To feel the vulnerability, and slow dance with destiny.
Lets learn take a moment before we lock lips with adventure, to close our eyes and dream, and to relish the blood pumping through our veins. Lets give thanks for deep love and sweet desires. And then let’s yield ourselves to the inevitable, and the hope that’s bigger than us both.

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Narrelle x

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