These two told me a number of times how nervous and shy they are in front of the camera. In hindsight I’m gonna say, ‘Yeah, right!”
But rather than try and explain why I would beg to differ – how about I show you:

I think the photo somewhere in the middle there, of Andrew’s expression as his wedding band slid home, sums their day up for me. There was joy in every step and turn, and an honest wonder that life had bought them together and to this very point. And they were so caught up in all of it that they clearly weren’t that bothered by a camera following them around after all. It felt like there were even huge chunks of time that they forgot I was there, apart from the few moments we shared under Briony’s veil together, when I told them to pretend I wasn’t there. And they did a pretty good job of it if you ask me. But the rest of it was 100% real, and honest, and true. And it showed.

Sp pffffft to being nervous and shy, and huzzah to being present in the only way they knew how – just as they are, together.

Narrelle x

Dream team:
Planner: Evviva Events
Celebrant: Modern Rituals
Dress: Mariana Hardwick
Venue: Two Ton Max

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