This afternoon I had the absolute joy of photographing a super fresh newborn baby. I’m talking 5 hours in the outside world. That super fresh.
I was originally going to be photographing his birth, but due to circumstances he ended up arriving by caesarean. So the kids and I hung around in the city, (read: hung around in Haighs, begging for chocolate samples) while I waited for the call to let me know everyone was back in their room and feeling settled.  The kids then headed home with daddy, who was happy to sacrifice a few hours in the office so I could go alone to meet this precious, new little soul.
A part of me would love to share some of the images – it’s a beautiful thing to watch a new life welcomed into a family. And an honour to be able to play a part in capturing those moments.  But I also feel those moments are private ones, and there are some things we don’t need to share with the rest of the world – beautiful as they may be.

But because I felt the urge to share something tonight, I flicked through the photographs I took, just a short walk away from the hospital. As I sat beneath this tree I enjoyed the peace and quiet, the cool autumn breeze, the business of people going about their lives, and the stillness of mine for those brief few minutes.  I was enjoying the solitude, the not having to worry about which of my kids was busy trying to cross the road by themselves. I thought of making the most of it and heading to the nearest place that would bring me coffee and cake in a nice quiet corner.  Then I thought about the beautiful family of three just become four, and I suddenly felt the urge to replace that coffee with a train ride home, to be with my little family of four.  Being alone had lost its appeal. Crazy, I know.   🙂

Guys, I know you won’t be reading this – you have far more important things to be worried about at the moment – but I just wanted to say thank you for allowing me to be there for that brief but incredibly special time of your lives.  Your little boy truly is beautiful (but what other chance did he have with the gene pool you’ve passed on) and it was a genuine pleasure recording some of the first few hours of his life so far.

Much joy to you all.  Narrelle.  x

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  • Fiona RogersonMarch 25, 2010 - 11:36 AM

    Such a beautiful, warming post Narelle. What a wonderful thing for you to experience! I hope that family is settling in well to life as four 🙂

  • Nicole AkhurstMarch 26, 2010 - 3:16 PM

    What a complete honour and your heartfelt words touch the soul Narrelle! I cannot think of anyone more suited to capture this perfect moment!