To be honest I’ve been kind of putting this post off because I just didn’t have the words to go along with the pictures, and I’m still not sure I do. But as I mentioned elsewhere (if you happen to have come here by way of Instagram) I wish I could tell you how remarkable these two are, and hint at the ways I know they’ll change the world or, at the very least, the lives around them. Who may then go on to change the world themselves. Who knows? And I wish I could explain what a blessing it was to shoot their wedding without coming off all, like, #blessed.  But those that know Joel and Rachel will know what I mean. And if you don’t know Joel and Rachel then you’re missing out. Seriously. I mean, they sent me home from their wedding with a bottle of Baileys, on top of a very happy heart. Which, by the way, is not what I’m referring to when I say ‘blessed’, without the hashtag. It’s the heart behind the giving – of gifts, and kind words, and their very selves – as much as the actual giving. Which pours out of every aspect of their lives. And those that are fortunate enough to have been on the receiving end, like myself, will understand why I still don’t have the words.
But I can say thank you, if little else, for many things – one of them being the privilege of shooting their wedding. Their story. Their promises to each other, and to God. Their covenant.

Thank you. Both of you.

Narrelle xx

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