Yes, more photos of my baby.  He’s four and a half months old now (20 weeks in 4 days time), and I’m really not sure how that happened!

I’ve been enjoying a bit of a break from work over the last few months, enjoying the wonder and the giggles, and capturing the various stages of our little guy growing up (too fast!).  With each new week comes the decision that ‘this is my new favourite age to photograph’.  I especially love the stage we’re in now, with the discovery of toes and mastery of limbs, the being able to lay on his tummy with his head up high, examining life around him.  The interaction, and the seeking out of faces, and the ready smiles that follow. I’ve been enjoying every bit of it, and have decided that third babies are pretty cool.
With the first we had no idea what is going on, and were constantly worrying about whether we were doing the right thing, and how badly we were going to stuff things up.  Our second followed pretty soon after, so we didn’t have time to relax and make the most of it, or worry for that matter. This time around we’re pretty comfortable with the whole idea (or maybe just numb, lol), the older two are at school – which leaves us a bit more time, and because we have a lot more going on our whole lives don’t revolve around the baby – which is a good thing I think.  It’s a pretty ideal situation, as far as adding another child in to the mix goes. And I am really really happy I get the chance to raise another little life, and to find such contentment in doing so.

My husband, meanwhile, has been busy finishing off the new studio – my other baby. I can’t wait to have a dedicated space to meet with beautiful clients, and sweet little people.  Decorating doesn’t come naturally to me, so that side of things has been interesting.  But there will be orange, and there will be lots of light – two of my favourite things to be surrounded with.  I do have a pinterest board going on, but it’s a bit threadbare in ideas and pins – and time to come up with either. But I’m determined to be in there by the end of the month, which is my unofficial self-imposed deadline (which means it probably won’t quite happen) – so stay tuned for some kind of ‘opening special’ once we figure out what that will be.

In the meantime here is our baby boy again, at four and a half months. Which is my new favourite age to photograph.  This week anyway.

Narrelle x

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