This is the (very cute and munchable) face of a little boy who was just a baby when he went to bed, and woke as a one year old.  He was clearly much more ready to face the day than I was.

one (1)one (2)one (3)one (4)one (5)one (6)

We’ve come a long way, him and me, this last year, and I’ve loved every single joyful (and not so) moment.  Though there haven’t been very many of the (not so)’s if I must confess.  This little creation brought so much sunshine in to our family when he joined in for the adventure, and I will always be thankful for him.
I know you could have cared less about your birthday my darling boy, even if you had the faintest of ideas what a birthday even was, but I wished a mountain of happiness and a river of joy for you. And a lifetime of knowing just how loved you are.

Your mama x

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  • JanetDecember 5, 2013 - 2:11 PM

    Love that smile… Happy Birthday little buddy xx

  • BecDecember 5, 2013 - 2:21 PM

    Happy Birthday gorgeous boy. xx